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Evercity SaaS tool automates EU Taxonomy screening for:

Timely preparation of compliance EU Taxonomy reports under NFRD / CSRD / SFDR for companies, banks and asset managers
Green finance
Eligibility screening for issuing green bonds according to the EU Green Bond Standard
Net zero
Detailed analytics and visuals to reveal pathways for net zero transition
Value proposition
For corporations and SMEs
For banks and asset managers
For consultants and auditors
Streamline compliance reporting (NFRD / CSRD), green bond eligibility screening and net zero transition analytics. Save time and cost for understanding EU Taxonomy and collecting data.

  • Understand EU Taxonomy better through an interactive guide
  • Work jointly with your colleagues and consultants on the screening report
  • Screen your company’s activities based on your corporate structure
  • Generate compliance reports and receive detailed analytics
For banks and asset managers
Streamline compliance reporting (NFRD / SFDR), green bond eligibility screening and net zero transition analytics. Save time & cost collecting granular data on eligibility and alignment of every portfolio company.

  • Simplify data collection across portfolio, including SMEs and non-EU clients
  • Identify pathways to increasing alignment of your portfolio for net zero transition
  • Save on in-house IT development and consultant costs
For consultants and auditors
Streamline compliance reporting, green bond eligibility screening and net zero transition analytics. Save time on data collection and client communication.

  • Reduce paperwork and facilitate data collection through a user-friendly interface
  • Profit from serving SME clients
  • Simplify EU Taxonomy for clients with regularly updated document references, glossary and a knowledge base
What's unique?
Security & usability
  • Secure integration with corporate data systems & connectivity via API
  • Joint work on screening & easy communication through comment threads and notifications
  • Extensive knowledge base, glossary & document references
  • Automatic calculation of EU Taxonomy alignment based on company inputs
  • Physical climate risk assessment for DNSH with GIS technologies and satellite data
  • Optional integration with third-party data providers
Beyond compliance
  • Eligibility screening for green bond issuance
  • Additional data for green marketing and eco-labelling of Taxonomy-aligned projects and assets
  • Optional data verification by the auditor/SPO provider
Use cases
Identification of assets eligible for green bond issuance for a green building SME
Preparation of a compliance EU Taxonomy report for a large aluminum manufacturer
Portfolio screening of European assets of a medium size asset manager
EU Taxonomy screening of an integrated renewable energy company with automated risk assessment using ESG Data Map
Frequently asked question
About EU Taxonomy
EU Taxonomy is a classification system that defines which economic activities can be considered sustainable, and under what conditions. Its main goal is to help companies and investors make decisions that would lead to low-carbon transition and sustainable growth. 

According to EU legislation, starting from 2022 some entities have to publish yearly reports on EU Taxonomy eligibility and alignment.
About the tool
Evercity provides a SaaS tool which automates EU Taxonomy screening for corporations, SMEs, banks and asset managers, generates detailed analytics and compliance reports in pdf and excel formats. It can also be used together with other Evercity tools related to portfolio management, digital assets issuance and monitoring & reporting.
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